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Main Entry: chill
Laodiceanism, abscess, absolute zero, abstracted, ache, aching, affectless, ague, air-condition, air-cool, algidity, aloof, aloofness, anemia, anesthesia, anesthetized, ankylosis, anoxia, apnea, arctic, asphyxiation, asthma, ataxia, atrophy, autism, autistic, backache, be cold, benumb, benumbed, bite, bitterness, bleakness, bleeding, blennorhea, blunt, bracing, briskness, cachexia, cachexy, catatonia, catatonic, chatter, chilblains, chilliness, chilling, chills, chilly, cold-blooded, cold, cold as charity, cold blood, cold creeps, cold heart, cold shivers, cold water, coldhearted, coldheartedness, coldness, colic, constipation, convulsion, cool, coolish, coolness, coolth, coryza, coughing, creeps, crispness, cryogenics, cryology, cryopathy, cut, cyanosis, damp, dampen, damper, deadpan, decrease in temperature, deflect, deject, demoralize, depress, detachment, deter, determent, deterrent, diarrhea, didder, disaccordant, disaffect, disaffinity, discourage, discouragement, dishearten, disincline, disinterest, disinterested, disparage, dispassion, dispassionate, dispassionateness, dispirit, distance, distant, distract, distress, dither, dithers, divert, dizziness, dropsy, drugged, duck bumps, dull, dullness, dysentery, dyspepsia, dyspnea, edema, emaciation, emotional deadness, emotionally dead, emotionless, emotionlessness, enmity, fainting, fatigue, fervorlessness, fever, fibrillation, flu, flux, formal, freeze, freeze to death, freezing, freezing point, fresh, freshen, freshness, frigid, frigidity, frost, frostbite, frosted, frostiness, frosty, frozen, gelid, gelidity, glacial, go through, goose bumps, goose pimples, gooseflesh, grow cold, growth, halfheartedness, have a chill, have goose pimples, heartless, heartlessness, hemorrhage, high blood pressure, horripilate, horripilation, hostility, hydrops, hypertension, hypotension, ice-cool, ice, iciness, icterus, icy, immovability, immovable, impassibility, impassive, impassiveness, impassivity, inaccessibility, inclemency, incompatibility, incompatible, incompatibleness, indifference, indifferent, indifferentism, indifferentness, indigestion, indispose, inexcitability, inexcitable, inflammation, influenza, infrigidate, inhospitable, inhospitality, inimical, inimicality, insensitive, insipidity, insomnia, insusceptible, intense cold, invigorating, itching, jaundice, keenness, kibe, la grippe, labored breathing, lack of affect, lack of feeling, lack of touch, lose heat, low blood pressure, low temperature, lukewarmness, lumbago, marasmus, nasal discharge, nausea, necrosis, neuterness, neutrality, neutralness, nip, nippiness, nippy, nonemotional, numb, numbed, numbing, objective, objectivity, obtuse, obtuseness, offishness, out of touch, pain, paralysis, passionless, passionlessness, penetrate, penetrating, perfunctoriness, perish with cold, personal conflict, pierce, poker face, polar, pruritus, put off, quake, quench, quiver, rash, raw, rawness, refresh, refrigerate, remoteness, repel, reserved, rheum, rigor, sclerosis, seizure, self-absorbed, self-absorption, severity, shake, sharp air, sharpness, shiver, shivering, shivers, shock, shudder, skin eruption, sneezing, solitary, sore, soulless, soullessness, spasm, spiritless, spiritlessness, standoffish, standoffishness, stimulating, straight face, strain, strained, tabes, tachycardia, temperate, tense, tension, tepidness, the sniffles, tremble, tumor, turn aside, turn away, turn from, turn off, unaffectionate, unamiability, unamiable, unamicable, unapproachability, uncompanionable, uncordial, uncordiality, unemotional, unemotionalism, unexcitability, unfeeling, unfeelingness, unfriendliness, unfriendly, ungenial, ungeniality, unharmonious, unimpassioned, unimpressibility, unimpressionable, unimpressionableness, uninterested, unloving, unpassionate, unpassionateness, unresponding, unresponsive, unresponsiveness, unsociability, unsociable, unsusceptibility, unsusceptible, unsympathetic, unsympatheticness, untouchability, untouchable, upset stomach, vapidity, ventilate, vertigo, vomiting, wasting, wean from, wet blanket, wintry, withdrawal, withdrawn, withdrawnness, zeallessness
Main entries similar to: chill
abscess, absolute zero, ache, aching, ague, air-condition, anemia, anesthesia, anesthetized, anoxia, arctic, asphyxiation, asthma, atrophy, autism, autistic, benumb, bite, bitterness, blunt, bracing, brisk, catatonic, chatter, chilblain, chilling, chilly, cold, cold-blooded, coldhearted, coldness, colic, congeal, constipation, convulsion, cool, creeps, cryogenics, cut, cutting, cyanosis, damp, dampen, damper, dead pan, deflect, deject, demoralize, detachment, deter, deterrent, diarrhea, disaccordant, disaffinity, discourage, dishearten, disincline, disinterest, disparage, dispassion, dispassionate, dispirit, distance, distract, dither, divert, dizziness, dropsy, drugged, dull, dullness, dysentery, dyspepsia, edema, emotionless, fatigue, fever, fibrillation, flux, freeze, freezing, freezing point, fresh, freshen, frigid, frost, frostbite, frosted, frosty, frozen, gelid, glacial, go through, goose bumps, growth, heartless, hemorrhage, horripilate, horripilation, hypertension, hypotension, ice, icterus, icy, immovable, impassive, inclemency, incompatibility, incompatible, indifferent, indigestion, indispose, inexcitable, inflammation, inhospitable, inimical, insomnia, insusceptible, invigorating, itching, jaundice, keenness, lukewarm, lumbago, nausea, necrosis, neutrality, nip, nippy, nonemotional, numb, objective, objectivity, obtuse, out of touch, pain, paralysis, passionless, penetrate, pierce, poker face, put off, quake, quench, quiver, rash, refresh, refrigerate, repel, rheum, rigor, sclerosis, seizure, self-absorption, severity, shake, sharpness, shiver, shivering, shivery, shock, shudder, sore, soulless, spasm, spiritless, stimulating, straight face, strain, strained, tabes, tachycardia, temperate, tense, tension, tremble, tumor, turn aside, turn away, turn off, unaffectionate, unamiable, unamicable, uncordial, undemonstrative, unemotional, unfeeling, unfriendliness, unfriendly, unimpassioned, unloving, unresponsive, unsociable, unsusceptible, unsympathetic, untouchable, ventilate, vertigo, vomiting, wasting, wean, wet blanket, withdrawal