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Main Entry: ceremonial
High-Church, august, baccalaureate service, baptismal, buckram, celebration, celebratory, ceremonious, ceremoniousness, ceremony, commemorative, commencement, conventional, convocation, courtly, decorous, dignified, dignity, duty, empty formality, eucharistic, exercise, exercises, extrinsicality, form, form of worship, formal, formality, formalization, formula, formular, formulary, function, graduation, graduation exercises, gravity, hieratic, holy rite, impersonality, imposing, inaugural, inauguration, initiation, institution, liturgic, liturgical, liturgistic, liturgy, lofty, mannered, mode of worship, mummery, mystery, observance, office, order of worship, ordinance, paschal, performance, pomp, pomposity, pompous, practice, prescribed form, primness, religious ceremony, rigid, rigidness, rite, rite de passage, rite of passage, ritual, ritual observance, ritualistic, rituality, sacerdotal, sacrament, sacramental, sacramentarian, service, set, solemn, solemnity, solemnization, starchiness, starchy, stately, stiff, stiffness, stiltedness, studied, stylization, stylized, weight, well-mannered