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Main Entry: cereal
aftergrass, bamboo, botanic, breakfast food, bulbous, cane, cereal plant, corn, cornflakes, dry cereal, farina, farinaceous, farinaceous plant, fog, forage grass, fruitlike, fruity, frumenty, grain, graminaceous plant, grass, grits, gruel, hasty pudding, herbaceous, herbal, herbose, herbous, herby, hominy grits, hot cereal, kasha, lawn grass, leguminose, leguminous, loblolly, millet, mush, oatmeal, ornamental grass, plantlike, porridge, puffed rice, puffed wheat, radicated, radiciform, radicular, reed, rhizoid, rolled oats, rootlike, tuberous, vegetable, vegetal, vegetarian, vegetational, vegetative, weedy, wheatflakes
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