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care for
Main Entry: care for
administer to, attend, attend on, attend to, baby-sit, bandage, bathe, be fond of, be partial to, burn with love, chaperon, cherish, chore, coddle, conserve, contend with, cope with, cosset, cradle, cultivate, cure, dance attendance upon, deal with, diagnose, do for, do service to, do with, doctor, dote on, dote upon, drudge, dry-nurse, fancy, feed, flux, fondle, foster, give care to, go for, handle, have eyes for, have it bad, heal, help, keep watch over, lackey, lavish care on, like, look after, look out for, look to, love, maid, manage, massage, matronize, mind, minister to, mother, nourish, nurse, nurture, operate on, pamper, pander to, physic, plaster, poultice, preserve, protege, provide for, purge, remedy, ride herd on, rub, see after, see to, serve, shepherd, splint, spoon-feed, steward, strap, suckle, support, sustain, take care of, take charge of, tend, treat, upon, use, valet, wait, wait on, watch, watch out for, watch over, wet-nurse, work for
Main Entry: not care for
abhor, be caught napping, be hostile to, be neglectful, be negligent, default, disapprove of, disfavor, dislike, disregard, disrelish, fail, gloss over, hate, ignore, lapse, let go, let ride, let slide, let slip, loathe, lose sight of, lose track of, mislike, neglect, nod, not get involved, not heed, not think, overlook, pass over, sleep, take for granted