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Main Entry: capitalize
aid, alphabet, alphabetize, angel, assist, back, balance, balance the books, bankroll, book, carry, carry over, cast up accounts, character, charge off, close out, close the books, credit, debit, docket, enter, finance, fund, grubstake, help, initial, inscribe, journalize, keep books, letter, log, make an entry, mark, minute, note, patronize, pay for, post, post up, promote, provide for, refinance, set up, sign, sponsor, stake, strike a balance, subsidize, support, transcribe, transliterate
Main Entry: capitalize on
benefit from, carpe diem, cash in, cash in on, clean up, clear, coin money, commercialize, exploit, gain by, gross, improve, improve the occasion, make a killing, make capital of, make hay, make money, make money by, net, not be behindhand, profit, profit by, put to advantage, realize, realize on, seize the day, take advantage of, trade on, turn a penny, turn to account, turn to profit, turn to use, use to advantage
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