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Main Entry: blunder
absurdity, act of folly, bad job, be all thumbs, bevue, blooper, blow, blunder away, blunder into, blunder on, blunder upon, bobble, boggle, bollix, bonehead play, boner, boo-boo, botch, bull, bumble, bungle, butcher, careen, career, clumsy performance, commit a gaffe, dumb trick, err, error, etourderie, falter, faux pas, flounce, flounder, flub, fluff, folly, foozle, fumble, gaffe, gaucherie, goof, goof up, gum up, hash, howler, imprudence, indiscretion, labor, lapse, louse up, lumber, lurch, make a blunder, make a misstep, mar, mess, miscue, miss, miss the mark, misspeak, mistake, muddle, muff, murder, off day, pitch, pitch and plunge, play havoc with, plunge, reel, rock, roll, sad work, screw-up, screw up, seethe, slip, slip up, snapper, solecism, sottise, spoil, stagger, struggle, stumble, stupid thing, stupidity, sway, swing, thrash about, toss, toss and tumble, toss and turn, totter, trip, tumble, unwise step, wallop, wallow, welter
Main Entry: blunder upon
alight upon, be all thumbs, blunder, blunder away, blunder into, blunder on, boggle, botch, bumble, bump into, bungle, butcher, chance upon, come across, come on, come up against, come upon, commit a gaffe, discover serendipitously, encounter, fall in with, faux pas, flounder, fumble, happen upon, hit upon, light upon, lumber, mar, meet up with, meet with, miscue, muddle, muff, murder, play havoc with, run across, run into, run up against, slip, spoil, stumble, stumble on, stumble upon, trip, tumble on