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Main Entry: ask
address, adjure, angle, appeal, apply for, apply to, argue, ask a question, ask about, ask for, ask questions, assess, be hurting for, be indicated, beckon, beg, beg leave, beseech, bespeak, bid, bid come, bite, blackmail, bring into question, bum, buzz, call, call for, call in, call on, call upon, canvass, catechize, challenge, charge, charge for, claim, clamor for, command, contend for, count on, crave, cross-examine, cry for, cry out for, debate, deliberate, demand, desire, direct, discuss, dun, enjoin, entreat, exact, examine, expect, extort, file for, give the third degree, go over, grill, have occasion for, hit, hunt for, hustle, impetrate, implore, importune, impose, indent, inquire, inquire of, institute, interpellate, interrogate, investigate, invite, issue an invitation, issue an ultimatum, knock, levy, make a demand, make a request, make a requisition, make application, make dutiable, make inquiry, mooch, necessitate, need, needle, obtest, order, order up, petition, place an order, plead, pop the question, pose, pray, pray to, prerequire, press, pro rata, probe, propose a question, propound a question, prorate, pry into, pump, put forward, put in for, put in requisition, put queries, put through the wringer, query, question, quiz, raise, request, request answer to, request information about, request information from, require, require an answer, requisition, review, roast, screw, seek, send for, solicit, sound out, stick for, submit, sue, suggest, summon, supplicate, sweat, take, take doing, talk over, tax, test, tithe, turn to, urge, want, want doing, want to know, warn, whistle for, wish
Main Entry: ask for
abet, aid and abet, angle for, apply for, ask, beat about for, beg leave, bespeak, blackmail, call for, challenge, claim, clamor for, countenance, crave, cry for, delve for, demand, desire, dig for, encourage, exact, extort, feed, file for, fish for, follow, foster, give encouragement, go gunning for, gun for, hunt, hunt for, hunt up, impose, indent, invite, issue an ultimatum, keep in countenance, levy, look, look for, look up, make a demand, make a request, make a requisition, make application, nourish, nurture, order, order up, place an order, prowl after, pursue, put in for, put in requisition, quest, request, require, requisition, screw, search for, see to, seek, seek for, still-hunt, try to find, warn, whistle for, wish
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