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Main Entry: ashes
ash, body, bones, brand, cadaver, calx, carbon, carcass, carrion, charcoal, cinder, cinders, clay, clinker, clinkers, coal, coke, coom, corpse, corpus delicti, crowbait, dead body, dead man, dead person, decedent, dross, dry bones, dust, earth, embalmed corpse, food for worms, fume, late lamented, lava, mortal remains, mummification, mummy, organic remains, reek, relics, reliquiae, remains, scoria, skeleton, slag, smoke, smudge, smut, soot, stiff, sullage, tenement of clay, the dead, the deceased, the defunct, the departed, the loved one
Main Entry: sackcloth and ashes
Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur, asceticism, black, cold purgatorial fires, crape, cypress, cypress lawn, deep mourning, fasting, flagellation, hair shirt, lustration, maceration, mortification, mourning, mourning band, penance, penitence, penitential act, penitential exercise, purgation, purgatory, repentance, sackcloth, weeds, yew
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