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Main Entry: while
albeit, although, amuse, as far as, as long as, at which time, beguile, bit, brighten, chronology, continuity, day, divert, duration, duree, during which time, elbow grease, enliven, entertain, exertion, fateful moment, hour, howbeit, instant, interval, juncture, kairos, lastingness, lighten, meantime, meanwhile, minute, moment, moment of truth, pains, period, point, pregnant moment, psychological moment, psychological time, season, space-time, space, span, spell, stage, stretch, tense, term, the future, the past, the present, the while, tide, time, time lag, timebinding, trouble, when, whereas, whet, whilst, wile
Main Entry: while away
bestow, consecrate to, consume, dally away, dedicate to, devote, diddle away, dribble away, drivel away, employ, expend, fool away, fritter away, give over to, give to, idle away, muddle away, pass, piss away, potter away, put in, spend, trifle away, use up, while, wile
Main Entry: while away the time
beguile the time, burn daylight, buy time, consume time, dabble, diddle, doodle, drown care, footle, fribble, fritter away time, have a ball, have fun, keep time, kill time, laugh it up, live it up, look for time, loosen up, lose time, measure time, occupy time, pass the time, pass time, piddle, potter, put in time, putter, race against time, relax, spend time, summer, take time, take up time, trifle, use time, waste time, weekend, winter, work against time
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