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Main Entry: wet
Scotch mist, apish, asinine, asperge, batty, bedew, befooled, beguiled, besotted, bespatter, besprinkle, blood rain, bogginess, boggy, boozy, brainless, buffoonish, canned, cat-and-dog weather, cockeyed, crazy, credulous, dabble, daffy, daft, damp, dampen, dampish, dampness, dank, dash, dazed, deluge, dew, dewiness, dewy, dirty weather, disguised, dizzy, doting, douche, douse, draft, dram, drench, drenched, drink, dripping, drizzle, drop, drown, drunk, dumb, evening mist, exudation, fall, fatuitous, fatuous, fenny, fill, flaky, flurry, fogginess, fond, fool, foolheaded, foolish, fuddled, futile, gaga, gargle, goofy, gout of rain, gulled, guzzle, hose, hose down, humect, humectate, humectation, humid, humidify, humor, idiotic, imbecile, impregnate, inane, inebriated, inept, infatuated, insane, irrigate, jigger, jolt, kooky, lave, libation, loony, mad, make water, marshiness, marshy, maudlin, mist, mistiness, misty rain, mizzle, moist, moisten, moistiness, moistness, moisture, monsoon, moronic, muggy, nip, number one, nutty, paddle, patter, pee-pee, pee, peg, piddle, piss, pitter-patter, pixilated, plastered, potation, potion, precipitation, predominance of Aquarius, pull, pump bilge, rain, raindrop, rainfall, raininess, rains, rainwater, rainy, rainy day, rainy season, rainy weather, rinse, roric, roriferous, round, round of drinks, sappy, saturate, saturated, screwy, senseless, sentimental, sheet of rain, shot, shower, showeriness, silly, sip, slobber, slop, slosh, slug, snifter, snort, soak, soaked, soaking, sodden, soddenness, sogginess, soggy, sop, soppiness, sopping, soppy, souse, soused, sparge, spatter, spell of rain, spend a penny, splash, splatter, sponge, spot, spray, spring rains, sprinkle, stale, sticky, stormy weather, stupid, suck, sup, swampiness, swampy, swash, swig, swill, syringe, tacky, thoughtless, tot, undried, unfrozen hydrometeor, urinate, wacky, wash, water, wateriness, wee-wee, wet down, wet season, wet weather, wetness, wettish, wettishness, witless
Main Entry: dripping wet
awash, bathed, deluged, dipped, drenched, dribbling, dripping, drowned, engulfed, flooded, immersed, inundated, macerated, oozing, overflowed, permeated, saturated, seeping, soaked, soaking, soaking wet, soaky, sodden, soggy, sopping, sopping wet, soppy, soused, steeped, submerged, submersed, swamped, waterlogged, watersoaked, weeping, weltering, whelmed, wringing wet
Main Entry: wet blanket
Foamite, acid, automatic sprinkler, bore, buttonholer, carbon-dioxide foam, carbon tet, carbon tetrachloride, chill, cold water, crashing bore, crepehanger, damp, damper, deck gun, deluge set, determent, deterrent, discouragement, drag, drip, dryasdust, dusty, extinguisher, fire apparatus, fire engine, fire hose, fire hydrant, fireplug, flat tire, foam, foam extinguisher, frightful bore, grouch, headache, hook-and-ladder, humdrum, killjoy, ladder pipe, malcontent, nuisance, pessimist, pest, pill, proser, pumper, snorkel, soda, sourpuss, spoilsport, sprinkler, sprinkler head, sprinkler system, super-pumper, twaddler, water, water cannon
Main Entry: wet nurse
aliment, amah, ayah, breast-feed, care for, cherish, coddle, cosset, cradle, cultivate, dry-nurse, dry nurse, fatten, fatten up, feed, fondle, force-feed, foster, lactate, lavish care on, mammy, mother, nanny, nourish, nurse, nursemaid, nurserymaid, nurture, nutrify, pamper, sitter, spoon-feed, stuff, suckle, sustain
Main Entry: wet suit
air cylinder, aqualung, aquascope, bathing suit, bathyscaphe, bathysphere, benthoscope, bikini, diving bell, diving boat, diving chamber, diving goggles, diving helmet, diving hood, diving mask, diving suit, maillot, periscope, scuba, snorkel, submarine, swim fins, swim suit, swimming suit, tank suit, trunks