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Main Entry: vogue
a la mode, acceptance, acclaim, bon ton, celebrity, character, chic, convention, craze, cry, currency, custom, eclat, fad, fame, famousness, fashion, fashionableness, favor, figure, furore, glory, haute couture, high fashion, in the mode, kudos, last word, latest thing, look, mode, modish, name, notoriety, notoriousness, popularity, preference, prevailing taste, prevalence, proper thing, publicity, rage, reclame, recognition, renown, report, reputation, repute, soigne, soignee, stream of fashion, style, stylish, stylishness, swim, taste, the bubble reputation, trend, voguish
Main Entry: in vogue
all the rage, all the thing, current, fashionable, hip, in fashion, in style, mod, modern, new, newfashioned, popular, prevalent, smart, trendy, up-to-date, up-to-datish, up-to-the-minute
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