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Main Entry: torture
Procrustean bed, abuse, afflict, aggrieve, agonize, agonizingness, agony, ail, anguish, atrocious pain, bed of Procrustes, befoul, bewitch, bias, bite, blight, bloody, boot, burn, chafe, claw, clawing, color, condemn, confinement, contort, convulse, corrupt, cruciation, crucifixion, crucify, curse, cut, damage, defile, deprave, desolate, desolateness, desolation, despoil, destroy, disadvantage, dismember, dismemberment, disserve, distort, distress, do a mischief, do evil, do ill, do wrong, do wrong by, doom, draw and quarter, envenom, estrapade, excruciate, excruciatingness, excruciation, fester, fret, gall, galleys, garble, get into trouble, get one wrong, get wrong, give pain, gloss, gnaw, grate, grill, grind, gripe, harass, hard labor, harm, harrow, heartbreak, heartsickness, hell, hell upon earth, hex, holocaust, horror, hurt, impair, impale, impalement, imprisonment, incarceration, infect, inflame, inflict pain, injure, iron heel, irritate, jailing, jinx, keelhaul, keelhauling, kill by inches, lacerate, laceration, lancinate, lancination, macerate, maim, maltreat, mangle, martyr, martyrdom, martyrization, martyrize, menace, misapply, misapprehend, miscite, misconceive, misconstrue, misdeem, misdirect, misexplain, misexplicate, misexpound, misinterpret, misjudge, misquote, misread, misrender, misrepresent, misshape, mistake, mistranslate, mistreat, misunderstand, misuse, molest, mutilate, nightmare, nip, oppress, outrage, pain, passion, penal servitude, persecute, persecution, pervert, picket, picketing, pierce, pinch, play havoc with, play hob with, poison, pollute, prejudice, prick, prolong the agony, punish, purgatory, put to torture, rack, railriding, rankle, rasp, rip, rock pile, rub, savage, scarify, scarpines, scathe, screw, slant, smite, squeeze, stab, sting, strain, strain the sense, strappado, taint, tar-and-feathering, tar and feather, the gantlet, threaten, thumbscrew, torment, tormentingness, torturousness, try, tweak, twist, twist the words, varnish, violate, warp, wheel, wind, wound, wreak havoc on, wrench, wring, wrong
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