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Main Entry: theater
Broadway, DMZ, Elizabethan theater, Globe Theatre, Greek theater, aceldama, agora, amphitheater, amusement park, arena, arena theater, assembly hall, athletic field, audience, auditorium, auditory, back, backdrop, background, ballroom, battle line, battle site, battlefield, battleground, bear garden, boards, bowl, boxing ring, bull ring, burlesque, cabaret, cafe chantant, cafe dansant, campus, canvas, carnival, casino, chapel, cincture, circle theater, circus, classroom, close, club, cockpit, coliseum, colosseum, combat area, combat zone, concert hall, confine, congregation, container, convention hall, coop, course, court, courtyard, curtilage, dance floor, dance hall, dancing pavilion, delimited field, distance, drama, enclave, enclosure, enemy line, entertainment industry, exhibition hall, field, field of battle, field of blood, firing line, floor, fold, footlights, forum, front line, fun-fair, gallery, ground, groundling, gym, gymnasium, hall, hinterland, hippodrome, house, juke joint, killing ground, landing beach, lecture hall, lecture room, legit, legitimate stage, line, line of battle, list, lists, little theater, locale, marketplace, mat, meetinghouse, milieu, mise-en-scene, music hall, night spot, nightclub, nitery, off-off-Broadway, off Broadway, open forum, opera, opera house, orchestra, outdoor theater, palaestra, pale, paling, parade ground, park, pen, pit, place, platform, playhouse, playland, precinct, prize ring, public square, purlieu, quad, quadrangle, range, rear, recitation room, repertory drama, resort, ring, roadhouse, scene, scene of action, scenery, schoolroom, seat of war, setting, shambles, show biz, show business, showboat, site, spectator, sphere, square, squared circle, stadium, stage, stage set, stage setting, stage world, stagedom, stageland, stock, strawhat, strawhat circuit, summer stock, tavern, terrain, the boards, the footlights, the front, the scenes, the stage, the theater, theater-in-the-round, theater of operations, theater of war, theater world, theatromania, theatron, theatrophobia, tilting ground, tiltyard, toft, variety, vaudeville, walk, wrestling ring, yard, zone of communications