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Main Entry: thankless
bitter, bootless, careless, despised, disagreeable, dislikable, disliked, displeasing, distasteful, fruitless, futile, heedless, lowly, miserable, misprized, misunderstood, out of favor, profitless, self-centered, sour, thoughtless, ugly, unacknowledged, unalluring, unappealing, unappetizing, unappreciated, unappreciative, unattractive, uncared-for, undelectable, undelicious, undesirable, unengaging, unenjoyable, ungrateful, uninviting, unlamented, unlikable, unmindful, unmissed, unmourned, unpalatable, unpleasant, unpleasing, unpopular, unprofitable, unregretted, unrequited, unrewarding, unsavory, unsung, untasteful, unthankful, unvalued, unwelcome, useless, vain, wretched
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