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Main Entry: stimulation
a high, actuation, aggravation, agitation, alpha decay, animation, arousal, arousing, atom-chipping, atom-smashing, atomic disintegration, atomic reaction, atomization, bait, beta decay, bombardment, bracer, bracing, breeding, bribe, bullet, carrot, chain reaction, cleavage, cordial, direction, disintegration series, dissociation, electrification, emotion, encouragement, energizing, enlivenment, exacerbation, exasperation, exchange reaction, excitation, excitedness, excitement, exhilaration, fillip, firing, fission, fission reaction, fomentation, galvanization, gamma decay, incentive, incitation, incitement, inducement, inflammation, influence, infuriation, inner-direction, instigation, interest, invigoration, invitation, ionization, irritation, lathering up, lure, manic state, motivation, moving, neutron reaction, nonreversible reaction, nuclear fission, nucleization, other-direction, payment, pep rally, pep talk, percentage, persuasive, perturbation, photodisintegration, pick-me-up, profit, prompting, proton gun, proton reaction, provocation, quickening, rabble-rousing, reanimation, recreation, refection, refreshing, refreshment, regale, regalement, reinvigoration, renewal, reversible reaction, revitalization, revival, revivescence, revivescency, revivification, reward, splitting the atom, steaming up, stimulative, stimulus, stirring-up, stirring, stirring up, sweetener, sweetening, target, thermonuclear reaction, tonic, vitalization, vivification, whet, whipping up, working up