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Main Entry: stance
affect, affectivity, affirmance, affirmation, air, allegation, announcement, annunciation, assertion, asseveration, assumption, attitude, averment, avouchment, avowal, bearing, beck, beckon, body language, brow, carriage, cast, cast of countenance, charade, chironomy, climate of opinion, color, common belief, community sentiment, complexion, conceit, concept, conception, conclusion, consensus gentium, consideration, countenance, creed, dactylology, deaf-and-dumb alphabet, declaration, demeanor, deportment, dictum, dumb show, emotion, emotivity, enunciation, estimate, estimation, ethos, eye, face, facial appearance, favor, feature, features, feeling, feeling tone, foothold, footing, footplate, footrail, footrest, garb, general belief, gesticulation, gesture, gesture language, guise, hand signal, hold, idea, impression, ipse dixit, judgment, kinesics, lights, lineaments, lines, locus standi, looks, manifesto, mental attitude, mien, mind, motion, movement, mystique, notion, observation, opinion, pantomime, perch, personal judgment, physiognomy, point of view, poise, popular belief, port, pose, position, position paper, positive declaration, posture, predicate, predication, presence, presumption, prevailing belief, proclamation, profession, pronouncement, proposition, protest, protestation, psychology, public belief, public opinion, purchase, reaction, say-so, say, saying, sentiment, shrug, sight, sign language, stand, standing, standing place, standpoint, statement, theory, thinking, thought, toehold, traits, turn, utterance, view, viewpoint, visage, vouch, way of thinking, word