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Main Entry: sensation
affect, affection, amazement, astonishing thing, astonishment, awareness, bang, bean, best seller, big hit, bomb, bombshell, boot, brain, brilliant success, charge, commotion, consciousness, curiosity, emotion, emotional charge, emotional shade, encephalon, exception, excitement, experience, fad, feeling, feeling tone, flush, foreboding, funny feeling, gas, gasser, gazingstock, gray matter, great success, gut reaction, head, heartthrob, hit, hunch, impression, jollies, kick, killing, lift, marvel, marvelment, meteoric success, miracle, momentary success, noddle, noggin, nonesuch, noodle, organ of thought, passion, pate, perception, phenomenon, portent, prescience, presentiment, prodigy, profound sense, quite a thing, quiver, rarity, reaction, resounding triumph, response, riot, roaring success, rush, rush of emotion, sconce, seat of thought, sense, sensibility, sensitiveness, sensitivity, sensorium, sensory, sentiment, shiver, shudder, sight, smash, smash hit, sneaking suspicion, something else, spectacle, stir, stunner, success, surge of emotion, susceptibility, suspicion, thrill, tingle, tingling, titillation, tremor, tremor of excitement, triumph, undercurrent, wonder, wonderful thing, wonderment, wow