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Main Entry: roughness
CAT, Gothicism, abruptness, acerbity, acidity, acidulousness, acridity, acrimony, acuteness, aerospace, aerosphere, aggressiveness, air hole, air pocket, airspace, animality, arrhythmia, asperity, astringency, atrocity, austerity, bad taste, barbarism, barbarity, barbarousness, bearishness, beastliness, bite, bitingness, bitterness, bloodlust, bluntness, bombasticness, boorishness, brashness, brokenness, brusqueness, brusquerie, brutality, bump, cacology, cacophony, callowness, capriciousness, causticity, ceiling, choppiness, churlishness, clumsiness, coarse-grainedness, coarseness, cracked voice, crassness, crosswind, crudeness, crudity, crustiness, cumbrousness, curtness, cuttingness, destructiveness, desultoriness, disconnectedness, discontinuity, discord, dryness, dysphemism, earthiness, eccentricity, edge, empty space, erraticness, extremity, favorable wind, ferociousness, fibrillation, fierceness, fitfulness, fits and starts, fluctuation, fog, force, front, furiousness, gaudiness, gracelessness, graininess, granularity, granulation, greenness, grimness, grip, grittiness, grossness, gruffness, gutturalism, gutturality, gutturalness, hardness, harshness, head wind, heaviness, high-pressure area, hoarseness, hole, huskiness, ill-balanced sentences, immatureness, immaturity, impetuosity, impropriety, impurity, inclemency, inconcinnity, inconstancy, incorrectness, indecorousness, inelegance, inelegancy, infelicity, inhumanity, intensity, intermittence, ionosphere, irregularity, jerkiness, jetstream, keenness, lack of finish, lack of polish, leadenness, loudness, low-pressure area, malignity, mercilessness, meretriciousness, mindlessness, mordacity, mordancy, murderousness, nastiness, nondevelopment, nonuniformity, obscenity, overcast, oversimplicity, oversimplification, patchiness, piquancy, pitilessness, pocket, poignancy, point, pompousness, ponderousness, poor diction, pungency, raspiness, raucity, rawness, reductionism, ribaldry, rigor, rudeness, savagery, scrapiness, scratchiness, sesquipedalianism, sesquipedality, severity, sharpness, shortness, simplism, slipshod construction, soup, sourness, space, spasticity, sporadicity, sporadicness, spottiness, stagger, sternness, stertorousness, stiltedness, sting, stratosphere, stridency, stringency, substratosphere, surliness, tail wind, tartness, tastelessness, teeth, terrorism, the rough, thickness, throatiness, trenchancy, tropopause, troposphere, trough, truculence, turbulence, turgidity, ugliness, uncertainty, uncouthness, uncultivation, undevelopment, uneuphoniousness, unevenness, unfinish, unfinishedness, unfledgedness, ungentleness, ungracefulness, unmethodicalness, unpredictability, unrefinement, unripeness, unseemliness, unsteadiness, unsystematicness, unwieldiness, vandalism, variability, vehemence, venom, viciousness, violence, virulence, visibility, visibility zero, vulgarism, vulgarity, whimsicality, wobble