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Main Entry: ribaldry
Rabelaisianism, X-rated movie, bad language, bawdiness, bawdry, billingsgate, blue language, blue movie, coarseness, colorful language, crassness, crudeness, crudity, cursing, cussing, dirt, dirtiness, dirty language, dirty movie, dirty talk, dissoluteness, dysphemism, earthiness, erotic art, erotic literature, erotographomania, evil speaking, fescenninity, filth, filthiness, filthy language, foul language, foulness, gaudiness, grossness, iconolagny, immodesty, indecency, indelicacy, lasciviousness, lewdness, licentiousness, looseness, loudness, lubricity, lustfulness, meretriciousness, nastiness, naughtiness, obscenity, offensiveness, pornographic art, pornographic literature, pornographomania, pornography, profane swearing, profanity, raciness, rakishness, rankness, rascality, rawness, roughness, rudeness, salaciousness, salacity, scatology, scurrility, sexploitation, shamelessness, skin flick, smut, smuttiness, soft-core pornography, stag film, strong language, swearing, unparliamentary language, unrepeatable expressions, vile language, vileness, vulgar language, vulgarity, wantonness
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