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Main Entry: recidivist
Adamic, Sabbath-breaker, apostate, atavistic, atheist, atheistic, backslider, backsliding, bad egg, bad lot, black sheep, blasphemer, blasphemous, bolter, carnal, collaborationist, collaborator, convert, defector, degenerate, deserter, erring, fallen, fallen angel, fallen from grace, fifth columnist, fleshly, frail, impious, impure, infirm, irreligious, irreverent, lapsed, lecher, lost lamb, lost sheep, lost soul, miscreant, mugwump, of easy virtue, peccable, pervert, pimp, postlapsarian, prodigal, prodigal son, profanatory, profane, profligate, proselyte, quisling, reactionary, recessive, recidivistic, recidivous, recreant, regressive, renegade, renegado, renegate, repeater, reprobate, retrograde, retrogressive, retrorse, retroverse, returnable, returnee, reversible, reversional, reversionary, reversioner, reversionist, revertible, revulsionary, runagate, sacrilegious, sacrilegist, scapegrace, schismatic, seceder, secessionist, separatist, sorry lot, strikebreaker, tergiversant, tergiversator, traitor, trollop, turnabout, turncoat, turntail, two-time loser, unangelic, unbeliever, unchaste, unclean, undutiful, ungodly, ungood, unrighteous, unsaintly, unvirtuous, virtueless, wanton, wayward, weak, whore