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Main Entry: pharmacy
X ray, antique store, apothecary, automobile showroom, blood bank, bookstore, bootery, candy store, charity ward, chemist, cigar store, clinic, clothiers, clothing store, confectionery, consultation room, delivery room, dispensary, dispensatory, dress shop, drugstore, dry goods store, emergency, examining room, fever ward, florists, fur salon, furniture store, gift shop, haberdashery, hardware store, hat shop, hobby shop, hospital room, intensive care, ironmongery, isolation, jewelers, jewelry store, labor room, laboratory, leather goods store, liquor store, luggage shop, materia medica, maternity ward, milliners, novelty shop, nursery, operating room, package store, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, pharmacopoeia, posology, prison ward, private room, recovery room, saddlery, schlock house, schlock shop, secondhand shop, secondhand store, semi-private room, shoe store, smoke shop, specialty shop, sporting goods store, stationers, stationery store, surgery, sweater shop, sweet shop, therapy, thrift shop, tobacco store, tobacconists, toy shop, treatment room, trimming store, used-car lot, ward
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