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Main Entry: paragraph
adjectival phrase, article, back matter, book, causerie, chapter, clause, column, conceive, construction, couch, couch in terms, descant, discourse, discussion, disquisition, dissertation, embody in words, essay, etude, examination, excursus, exposition, express, expression, fascicle, feature, first approach, folio, formularize, formulate, frame, front matter, gathering, give expression to, give words to, headed group, homily, idiom, idiotism, installment, introductory study, livraison, locution, lucubration, manner of speaking, memoir, monograph, morceau, note, noun phrase, number, outline, page, pandect, paper, part, passage, peculiar expression, period, phrasal idiom, phrase, piece, preliminary study, present, prolegomenon, put, put in words, research paper, rhetorize, screed, section, sentence, serial, set out, set phrase, sheet, signature, sketch, special article, standard phrase, state, study, style, survey, syntactic structure, term, term paper, text, theme, thesis, tract, tractate, treatise, treatment, turn of expression, turn of phrase, usage, utterance, verb complex, verb phrase, verbalism, verse, volume, way of speaking, word-group, word