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Main Entry: naked
absolute, apparent, au naturel, bald, bare-ass, bare, bared, barefaced, beholdable, blank, blatant, blunt, clarified, clear, cleared, colorless, conspicuous, denuded, detectable, discernible, disclosed, discovered, distilled, evident, exposed, exposed to view, flagrant, free, glaring, gymnosophical, hanging out, in evidence, in full view, in native buff, in plain sight, in plain view, in puris naturalibus, in the altogether, in the buff, in the raw, in view, insight, liable, manifest, naturistic, neat, nonimmune, noticeable, nude, nudist, observable, obvious, open, open as day, open to all, open to view, outcropping, overt, palpable, patent, peeled, perceivable, perceptible, plain, pure, purified, raw, recognizable, rectified, revealed, seeable, sheer, showing, simple, stark-naked, stark, straight, stripped, susceptible, to be seen, unadorned, unadulterated, unaided, unalloyed, unarrayed, unassisted, unblended, unclad, unclassified, unclogged, unclosed, unclothed, unclouded, uncolored, uncombined, uncomplicated, uncompounded, unconcealed, uncorrupted, uncovered, undecked, undecorated, undeniable, undiluted, undisguised, undraped, undressed, unembellished, unfortified, unfurbished, ungarnished, unhidden, unleavened, unmingled, unmistakable, unmitigated, unmixed, unobstructed, unornamented, unprotected, unrestricted, unsheathed, unsophisticated, unstopped, untinged, untrimmed, unvarnished, viewable, visible, visual, wide-open, with nothing on, without a stitch, witnessable
Main Entry: naked eye
baby blues, banjo eyes, bright eyes, clear eyes, command, cornea, domination, eye, eyeball, eyelid, eyereach, eyeshot, eyesight, field of view, field of vision, goggle eyes, horizon, iris, ken, lens, lid, limit of vision, line of sight, nictitating membrane, oculus, optic, optic nerve, orb, organ of vision, outlook, outlook over, peeper, perspective, popeyes, prospect, pupil, range, retina, saucer eyes, scan, sclera, scope, scope of vision, sight, sightliness, starry orbs, survey, unaided eye, view, vista, visual organ
Main Entry: stark-naked
bald, bare-ass, bare, gymnosophical, in native buff, in puris naturalibus, in the altogether, in the buff, in the raw, naked, naturistic, nude, nudist, peeled, raw, stripped, unclad, unclothed, undressed, with nothing on, without a stitch