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Main Entry: martyr
afflict, agonize, ail, angel, angel of light, angel of love, annihilate, archangel, beatified soul, bereave of life, bite, bloody, burn, canonized mortal, carry away, carry off, celestial, chafe, cherub, cherubim, chloroform, claw, convulse, crucify, cut, cut down, cut off, deprive of life, destroy, dispatch, dispose of, distress, do away with, do for, do to death, end, excruciate, execute, exterminate, fester, finish, finish off, fret, gall, give pain, gnaw, grate, grind, gripe, harrow, heavenly being, hurt, immolate, impale, inflame, inflict pain, irritate, kill, kill by inches, lacerate, lancinate, launch into eternity, liquidate, lynch, macerate, make away with, martyrize, messenger of God, nip, object of compassion, pain, patron saint, pierce, pinch, poison, poor devil, prey, prick, principality, prolong the agony, punish, purge, put away, put down, put to death, put to sleep, put to torture, rack, rankle, rasp, recording angel, remove from life, rip, rub, sacrifice, saint, savage, saved soul, scarify, seraph, seraphim, slay, soul in glory, stab, starve, sting, sufferer, take life, take off, torment, torture, try, tweak, twist, victim, wound, wretch, wring