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Main Entry: liability
a thing for, accountability, accountableness, accounts payable, accounts receivable, affinity, amenability, amount due, answerability, answerableness, aptitude, aptness, arrearage, arrears, bad debts, barrier, bent, bias, bill, bills, borrowing, burden, cast, chance, charges, chits, conatus, conduciveness, damage, debit, debt, dedication to duty, defenselessness, delight, detriment, devotion to duty, diathesis, disadvantage, disposition, drawback, due, dues, duteousness, dutifulness, eagerness, encumbrance, expectation, exposure, fair expectation, favorable prospect, feeling for, financial commitment, floating debt, funded debt, good chance, handicap, harm, helplessness, hindrance, hitch, hurt, impairment, impediment, inclination, incumbency, indebtedness, indebtment, injury, leaning, likelihood, likeliness, liking, loss, loss of ground, maturity, mischief, nakedness, national debt, nonimmunity, obligation, obstacle, obstruction, odds, onus, openness, outlook, outstanding debt, penchant, pledge, predilection, predisposition, prejudice, presumption, presumptive evidence, probabilism, probability, proclivity, proneness, propensity, prospect, public debt, readiness, reasonable ground, reasonable hope, responsibility, responsibleness, score, sense of duty, sense of obligation, sensitivity to, snag, soft spot, step backward, susceptibility, tendency, tropism, turn, twist, uncollectibles, unfulfilled pledge, verisimilitude, vulnerability, warp, weakness, well-grounded hope, willingness