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Main Entry: issue
accomplishment, accord, activity, administer, affair, afford, airing, allot, allow, announce, answer, appear, argue, arise, artifact, ascertainment, at issue, attend, award, back number, bail out, bandying, basis, be born, be off, become, become manifest, become of, become public, become visible, bench mark, bestow, bestow on, bestrew, birth, bone of contention, book,
Main Entry: at issue
against the grain, against the tide, against the wind, arguable, at cross-purposes, at daggers, at daggers drawn, at odds, at variance, at war with, athwart, before the house, conditional, conditioned, confutable, conjectural, contestable, contingent, contra, contrariwise, controversial, controvertible, counter, cross, debatable, deniable, dependent, depending, disputable, doubtable, doubtful, dubious, dubitable, eyeball-to-eyeball, iffy, in confrontation, in debate, in dispute, in doubt, in dubio, in hostile array, in opposition, in question, in suspense, in the balance, mistakable, moot, on the agenda, on the docket, on the floor, on the table, open, open for discussion, open to doubt, open to question, pendent, pending, problematic, questionable, refutable, speculative, sub judice, suppositional, suspect, suspenseful, suspicious, uncounted, undecided, under active consideration, under advisement, under consideration, under examination, under investigation, under surveillance, undetermined, unestablished, unfixed, unsettled, untold, up for grabs, up in arms, with crossed bayonets
Main Entry: issue forth
appear, arise, bail out, be born, be illegitimate, be off, become, become manifest, become visible, break cover, break forth, break out, break through, burst forth, come, come forth, come forward, come in sight, come out, come to be, come to hand, come to light, crop out, crop up, debouch, disembogue, effuse, emanate, emerge, enter, erupt, exit, extrude, fade in, find vent, get off, get to be, go forth, hatch, have birth, have origin, heave in sight, irrupt, issue, jump out, leak out, look forth, loom, materialize, ooze out, originate, outcrop, outset, outstart, peep out, protrude, put forth, rear its head, rise, run out, sally, sally forth, see the light, set forth, set forward, set off, set out, show, show up, spring up, start, start off, start out, stream forth, strike out, strike the eye, surface, take birth, take rise, turn up
Main Entry: issue price
asking price, bearish prices, bid price, book value, bullish prices, call price, closing price, decline, face value, fixed price, flash price, flurry, flutter, high, issue par, low, market price, market value, nominal value, offering price, opening price, par, par value, parity, price, put price, quotation, quoted price, rally, settling price, stated value, swings
Main Entry: side issue
Main Entry: take issue with
abjure, agree to differ, agree to disagree, assert the contrary, be at cross-purposes, be at variance, be in dissent, beg to differ, belie, bicker over, contend about, contest, contradict, contravene, controvert, counter, counteract, countervail, counterwork, cross, deny, differ, disaffirm, disagree, disagree with, disallow, disavow, disclaim, discord with, disown, disprove, dispute, dissent, dissent from, divide on, drop out, fight over, forswear, gainsay, go against, impugn, join issue upon, join the opposition, not abide, not accept, not admit, not agree, nullify, oppose, play at cross-purposes, protest, quarrel over, recant, refuse to admit, refute, renounce, repudiate, resist, retract, revoke, run against, run counter to, secede, squabble over, take back, take exception, take issue, traverse, vote against, withdraw, withhold assent, withstand, wrangle over

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