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in unison
Main Entry: in unison
accordant, according, agreeably, all agreeing, all together, as one, as one man, assonant, assonantal, at a clip, at once, at one time, attuned, back to back, blended, blending, by acclamation, by consensus, cheek by jowl, chiming, coactively, coefficiently, coinstantaneously, collectively, combinedly, communally, compatibly, concertedly, concordant, concordantly, concurrently, congenially, conjointly, consentaneously, consonant, consonantly, cooperatingly, cooperatively, corporately, fittingly, hand in glove, hand in hand, harmonic, harmonious, harmoniously, harmonizing, homophonic, in a chorus, in accord, in agreement, in chorus, in common, in concert, in concert with, in concord, in harmony with, in keeping, in line, in partnership, in phase, in step, in sync, in tune, inharmony, isochronously, jointly, just right, monodic, monophonic, mutually, nem con, nemine contradicente, nemine dissentiente, on all hands, on the beat, one and all, shoulder to shoulder, simultaneously, symphonious, synchronized, synchronous, synchronously, to a man, together, tuned, unanimously, unisonant, unisonous, with it, with one accord, with one consent, with one voice, without contradiction
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