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Main Entry: happen
be found, be met with, be realized, bechance, become of, befall, betide, break, bump, chance, come, come about, come along, come down, come off, come to pass, come true, come upon, cook, develop, do, encounter, eventuate, fall, fall out, find, give, go, go off, go on, hap, happen along, happen by chance, hazard, hit, light, luck, materialize, meet, meet with, occur, pass, pass off, pop up, prove, rise, stumble, stumble on, stumble upon, take place, transpire, tumble, turn out, turn up
Main Entry: happen upon
alight upon, blunder upon, bump into, chance upon, come across, come on, come up against, come upon, discover serendipitously, encounter, fall in with, hit upon, light upon, meet up with, meet with, run across, run into, run up against, stumble on, stumble upon, tumble on
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