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Main Entry: gusto
activity, affection, alacrity, amusement, animal pleasure, animal spirits, animation, anxiety, anxiousness, appetite, appreciation, ardency, ardor, avidity, avidness, bodily pleasure, breathless impatience, brio, briskness, capersomeness, carnal delight, cheerful readiness, coltishness, comfort, content, contentment, coziness, creature comforts, crush, delectation, delight, eagerness, ease, ecstasy, elan, endpleasure, enjoyment, entertainment, enthusiasm, esprit, euphoria, excitement, exuberance, fervency, fervidness, fervor, fire, fondness, forepleasure, forwardness, friskiness, frolicsomeness, fruition, fun, furor, fury, gaiety, gamesomeness, gayness, glow, gratification, great satisfaction, gust, heart, heartiness, hearty enjoyment, heat, impassionedness, impatience, impetuosity, impetus, infatuation, intellectual pleasure, joie de vivre, keen desire, keen pleasure, keenness, kicks, life, likes, liking, liveliness, love, lustiness, luxury, mettle, palate, passion, passionateness, perkiness, pertness, physical pleasure, piss and vinegar, playfulness, pleasure, promptness, quickness, quiet pleasure, readiness, relish, robustness, rollicksomeness, rompishness, satisfaction, savor, self-gratification, self-indulgence, sensual pleasure, sensuous pleasure, sexual pleasure, skittishness, soul, spirit, spiritedness, spirits, sportiveness, sprightliness, sweetness of life, taste, titillation, upclimb, vehemence, verve, vigor, vim, vitality, vivacity, voluptuousness, warmth, warmth of feeling, weakness, well-being, zeal, zealousness, zest, zestfulness, zip