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Main Entry: guest
Part of Speech: noun
bedfellow, boarder, caller, client, companion, company, customer, freeloader, frequenter, friend, gatecrasher, habitue, house guest, inmate, invitee, lodger, mate, mooch, moocher, out-of-towner, partaker, patron, paying customer, recipient, regular, renter, roomer, sharer, sojourner, tenant, transient, vacationer, visitant, visitor
Main Entry: guest house
Main Entry: paying guest
board-and-roomer, boarder, hirer, homesteader, incumbent, leaseholder, lessee, lodger, occupant, occupier, renter, resident, roomer, squatter, sublessee, subtenant, tenant, tenant at sufferance, tenant for life, transient, transient guest, underlessee
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