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Main Entry: guaranteed
affianced, ascertained, assured, attested, betrothed, bound, certain, certified, committed, compromised, contracted, covered, decided, dependable, determinate, determined, engaged, ensured, established, fail-safe, firm, fixed, harmless, in the bag, insured, intended, invulnerable, made sure, nailed down, obligated, on ice, open-and-shut, pledged, plighted, promised, proved, reliable, riskless, secure, secured, set, settled, sound, stable, stated, steady, sure, sworn, tested, tried, trustworthy, undangerous, underwritten, unhazardous, unperilous, unprecarious, unrisky, warranted, warranteed
Main Entry: guaranteed annual income
ADC, Medicaid, Medicare, aid, alimony, allotment, allowance, annuity, assistance, bounty, cradle-to-grave security, depletion allowance, dole, fellowship, financial assistance, grant-in-aid, grant, guaranteed income, health insurance, help, old-age assistance, old-age insurance, pecuniary aid, pension, price support, public assistance, public welfare, relief, retirement benefits, scholarship, sickness insurance, social insurance, social security, social welfare, socialized medicine, state medicine, stipend, subsidization, subsidy, subvention, support, tax benefit, unemployment compensation, unemployment insurance, welfare, welfare aid, welfare capitalism, welfare payments, welfare state, welfare statism, welfarism, womb-to-tomb security
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