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Main Entry: grey
Quaker-colored, achromatic, achromic, acier, advanced, advanced in life, advanced in years, aged, along in years, ancient, anemic, ashen, ashy, bay, bayard, black, bleak, bled white, bloodless, boring, buckskin, cadaverous, calico pony, canescence, canescent, cheerless, chestnut, chloranemic, cinereous, cinerous, cloudy, colorless, dapple-gray, dapple, dappled-gray, dappled, dark, dead, deadly pale, deathly pale, depressing, dim, dimmed, dingy, discolored, dismal, dove-colored, dove-gray, drab, drabness, drear, drearisome, dreary, dull, dullness, dun, dusty, elderly, etiolated, experienced, exsanguinated, exsanguine, exsanguineous, faded, faint, fallow, flat, foggy, funebrial, funereal, ghastly, glaucescence, glaucescent, glaucous, glaucousness, gloomy, glum, grave, gray-black, gray-brown, gray-colored, gray-drab, gray-green, gray-haired, gray-headed, gray-spotted, gray-toned, gray-white, gray, gray with age, grayed, grayish, grayishness, grayness, grim, griseous, grizzle, grizzled, grizzly, grown old, haggard, hoar, hoary, hueless, humdrum, hypochromic, iron-gray, lackluster, lead-gray, leaden, leadenness, livid, lividity, lividness, lurid, lusterless, mat, mature, mealy, misty, monotonous, mouse-colored, mouse-gray, mousiness, mousy, muddy, murky, neutral, neutral tint, old, old as Methuselah, overcast, paint, painted pony, pale-faced, pale, pale as death, pallid, pasty, patriarchal, pearl-gray, pearl, pearly, piebald, pinto, repetitive, roan, sad, sallow, same, samely, saturnine, senectuous, sickly, silver-gray, silver, silvered, silveriness, silvery, skewbald, slate-colored, slatiness, slaty, smoke-gray, smokiness, smoky, sober, soberness, solemn, somber, somberness, sombrous, sooty, sorrel, steel-gray, steely, stone-colored, sunless, tallow-faced, taupe, tedious, toneless, triste, uncolored, unrelieved, venerable, wan, washed-out, waxen, weak, weariful, wearisome, weary, whey-faced, white-bearded, white-crowned, white-haired, white, white with age, wise, wrinkled, wrinkly, years old
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