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Main Entry: fidgets
agitation, apprehensiveness, attack of nerves, bluster, bobbery, boil, boiling, brouhaha, buck fever, bustle, case of nerves, churn, commotion, conturbation, didder, discomposure, disorder, disquiet, disquietude, disturbance, dithers, ebullition, embroilment, excessive irritability, excitement, fear, ferment, fermentation, fever, feverishness, fidgetiness, flap, flurry, fluster, flutter, flutteration, foment, formication, fume, fuss, heaving, hubbub, hurly-burly, inquietude, itchiness, jerking, jitters, jumpiness, maelstrom, malaise, moil, morbid excitability, nerves, nerviness, nervosity, nervous stomach, nervousness, palpitation, panic, panickiness, panting, perturbation, pitapat, pitter-patter, pruritus, quaking, quaver, quavering, quiver, quivering, restlessness, roil, rout, row, seethe, seething, shakes, shaking, shiver, shivers, shudder, spell of nerves, stage fright, state of nerves, stir, swirl, throb, throbbing, tic, to-do, tremble, trembling, tremor, trepidation, trepidity, tumult, tumultuation, turbidity, turbulence, turmoil, twitching, twitter, unease, uneasiness, unrest, upset, vellication