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Main Entry: fallacy
Albigensianism, Arianism, Catharism, Ebionitism, Erastianism, Gnosticism, Jovinianism, Lollardy, Manichaeanism, Manichaeism, Monophysism, Monophysitism, Pelagianism, Waldensianism, Wyclifism, aberrancy, aberration, antinomianism, apparent soundness, argument, argument by analogy, argumentum ad baculum, argumentum ad captandum, argumentum ad hominem, bad case, bamboozlement, befooling, begging the question, bluffing, calculated deception, casuistry, circular argument, circularity, circumvention, claptrap, conning, crowd-pleasing argument, deceiving, deception, deceptiveness, defectiveness, defrauding, delusion, delusiveness, deviancy, disingenuousness, distortion, dupery, elusion, emanatism, empty words, enmeshment, ensnarement, entanglement, entrapment, equivocalness, equivocation, errancy, erroneousness, error, evasion, evasive reasoning, fallaciousness, false doctrine, falsehood, falseness, falsity, fault, faultiness, flaw, flawedness, flimflam, flimflammery, fond illusion, fooling, formal fallacy, hallucination, hamartia, heresy, heterodoxy, hoodwinking, hylotheism, hysteron proteron, illusion, inconsistency, insincere argument, insincerity, inveracity, jesuitism, jesuitry, kidding, logical fallacy, material fallacy, mere rhetoric, mirage, misapplication, misbelief, miscalculation, misconception, misconstruction, misdoing, misfeasance, misinterpretation, misjudgment, mistake, misunderstanding, moonshine, mystification, non sequitur, obfuscation, obscurantism, outwitting, overreaching, oversubtlety, pantheism, paralogism, peccancy, perversion, petitio principii, phantasm, philosophism, plausibility, plausibleness, pseudosyllogism, putting on, quibble, rationalization, self-contradiction, self-deception, sin, sinfulness, snow job, solecism, song and dance, sophism, sophistical reasoning, sophistication, sophistry, special pleading, speciosity, specious reasoning, speciousness, spoofery, spoofing, spuriousness, subterfuge, subtlety, swindling, trickiness, tricking, truthlessness, unorthodoxy, untrueness, untruth, untruthfulness, verbal fallacy, vicious circle, vicious reasoning, victimization, vision, weak point, willful misconception, wishful thinking, wrong, wrongness