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Main Entry: evasion
abstention, airtight secrecy, anythingarianism, artifice, avoidance, avoiding reaction, bickering, boggling, break, breakout, buck-passing, captiousness, caviling, chicane, chicanery, circumvention, close secrecy, closeness, concealment, cop-out, cringe, crypticness, cunning, deceit, deception, defense mechanism, deliverance, delivery, discreetness, discretion, dodge, dodging, double-talk, duck, elusion, elusiveness, emergence, equivocating, equivocation, escape, escapism, eschewal, evasive action, evasiveness, excuse, extrication, fallback, fence-sitting, fencing, flight, flinch, foiling, forbearance, forestalling, forestallment, freeing, frustration, fudging, getaway, getting around, getting round, haggling, hairsplitting, hedging, hiddenness, hugger-mugger, hugger-muggery, impartiality, independence, issuance, issue, jailbreak, jink, leak, leakage, liberation, logic-chopping, lying, mugwumpery, mugwumpism, neutralism, neutrality, nit-picking, nonalignment, noncommitment, nonintervention, noninvolvement, nonpartisanism, nothingarianism, outguessing, outlet, outmaneuvering, outwitting, paltering, parrying, passing the buck, pettifoggery, prevarication, prevention, prisonbreak, pullback, pullout, pussyfooting, quibbling, recoil, refraining, release, rescue, retreat, riddance, runaround, secrecy, secretiveness, secretness, setting-free, shifting, shirking, shuffle, shuffling, shunning, shunting off, shy, sidestep, sidestepping, sidetracking, slip, sophistry, strict neutrality, subterfuge, suppressio veri, tergiversation, the dark, the runaround, the slip, thwarting, trichoschistism, trickery, uncommunicativeness, vent, weasel words, wince, zigzag