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Main Entry: encompass
accouple, accumulate, add, admit, agglutinate, amalgamate, amass, articulate, assemble, assimilate, associate, band, beleaguer, beset, besiege, blend, blockade, bond, bound, box in, bracket, bridge, bridge over, cage, carry, cement, chain, chamber, circle, circuit, circuiteer, circulate, circumambulate, circummigrate, circumnavigate, circumvent, clap together, close, close in, close the circle, coalesce, collect, combine, come full circle, come together, compass, compass about, complete, compound, comprehend, comprise, concatenate, conglobulate, conjoin, conjugate, connect, consolidate, contain, coop, coop in, coop up, copulate, cordon, cordon off, corral, count in, couple, cover, cycle, delimit, describe a circle, embay, embody, embosom, embrace, encircle, enclasp, enclose, enfold, enshrine, envelop, environ, envisage, enwrap, extend, fence in, fill, fill in, fill out, flank, flux, fuse, gather, gird, girdle, girdle the globe, glue, go, go about, go around, go out, go round, go the round, gyre, harass, harry, have, hedge in, hem, hem in, hold, house in, impound, imprison, incarcerate, include, incorporate, integrate, interblend, interfuse, invest, involve, jail, join, kennel, knot, lap, lay siege to, lay together, league, leaguer, lie, link, lump together, make a circuit, make one, marry, marshal, mass, meld, melt into one, merge, mew, mew up, mix, mobilize, number among, occupy, orbit, pair, pen, pen in, piece together, pocket, put together, quarantine, rail in, range, reach, reach out, receive, reckon among, reckon in, reckon with, reembody, revolve, ring, roll into one, round, run, shade into, shrine, shut in, shut up, skirt, soften up, solder, solidify, span, spiral, splice, spread, stable, stick together, straddle, stretch, stretch out, subsume, surround, sweep, syncretize, syndicate, synthesize, take in, take into account, take into consideration, take up, tape, thrust out, tie, unify, unite, wall in, weld, wheel, wrap, yard, yard up, yoke
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