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Main Entry: damper
acoustic tile, andiron, antiknock, arrest, baffler, bearing rein, bit, brake, chain, check, checkrein, chill, chock, clog, coal tongs, cold water, countercheck, crane, crepehanger, crook, curb, curb bit, cushion, damp, dampener, determent, deterrent, discouragement, doorstop, drag, drag sail, drift anchor, drift sail, drogue, fetter, fire hook, fire tongs, firedog, gag, grate, grating, grid, griddle, gridiron, grill, griller, holdback, hushcloth, killjoy, lifter, martingale, muffle, muffler, mute, muzzle, pelham, pessimist, poker, pothook, quietener, remora, salamander, scotch, sea anchor, shackle, silence cloth, silencer, snaffle, soft pedal, sordine, sordino, sound-absorbing material, soundproofing, soundproofing insulation, sourdine, spit, spoilsport, spoke, stay, stop, tongs, trammel, tripod, trivet, turnspit, wet blanket
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