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conjure up
Main Entry: conjure up
bid come, bring back, bring to mind, call, call away, call back, call for, call forth, call in, call out, call to mind, call together, call up, call up spirits, cite, conjure, conjure up spirits, convene, convoke, demand, envisage, envision, evoke, go back, go back over, hark back, image, indent, invoke, just see, look back, mind, muster, muster up, objectify, order up, page, picture, preconize, raise, raise ghosts, realize, recall, recall to mind, recapture, recollect, reevoke, reflect, remember, represent, requisition, retrace, retrospect, review, review in retrospect, revive, see, see in retrospect, send after, send for, serve, subpoena, summon, summon forth, summon spirits, summon up, summons, think back, think of, use hindsight, vision, visualize
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