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Main Entry: blessed
Elysian, Olympian, absolute, auspicious, beaming, beatific, beatified, beatitude, blamed, blankety-blank, blasted, blessed with luck, blessedness, bliss, blissful, blooming, canonized, capering, celestial, cheerful, chirping, confounded, consecrated, cursed, cussed, dadburned, dancing, danged, darn, darned, dashed, dedicated, deuced, devoted, doggone, doggoned, downright, ethereal, extramundane, extraterrestrial, favored, flushed with joy, fortunate, from on high, gay, glad, glorified, glowing, goldanged, goldarned, goshdarn, hallowed, happy, heavenly, in glory, in luck, infernal, joyful, joyous, laughing, leaping, lucky, otherworldly, outright, paradisaic, paradisal, paradisiac, paradisic, perfect, positive, providential, purring, radiant, regular, ruddy, sacred, sainted, saintly, sanctified, set apart, singing, smiling, smirking, sparkling, starry-eyed, supernal, thrice happy, transcendental, transmundane, unearthly, unmitigated, unworldly
Main Entry: blessed event
accouchement, birth, birth throes, birthing, childbearing, childbed, childbirth, confinement, delivery, genesis, giving birth, hatching, having a baby, labor, multiparity, nascency, nativity, parturition, the Nativity, the stork, travail
Main Entry: blessed with
enfeoffed, having, having and holding, holding, in possession of, landed, landholding, landowning, master of, occupying, owning, possessed of, possessing, propertied, property-owning, seized of, tenured, worth