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Main Entry: after
abaft, accommodated to, according to, adapted to, adjusted to, aft, after a time, after all, after that, aftermost, afterward, afterwards, agreeable to, agreeably to, answerable to, astern, attendant, back, backward, baft, because of, behind, below, beyond, by, by and by, by reason of, by virtue of, cadet, conformable to, congruent with, consecutive, considering, consistent with, due to, ensuing, ex post facto, following, for, from, hind, hinder, hindermost, hindhand, hindmost, in accordance with, in agreement with, in back of, in compliance with, in conformity with, in consideration of, in correspondence to, in harmony with, in keeping with, in line with, in lock-step with, in obedience to, in search of, in step with, in the aftermath, in the rear, in the sequel, in uniformity with, in view of, in virtue of, infra, junior, later, later than, latterly, lineal, next, on account of, out for, owing to, past, per, posterior, postern, proper to, puisne, rear, rearmost, rearward, retral, retrograde, sequent, since, subsequent, subsequent to, subsequently, succeeding, successive, suitable for, tail, thanks to, then, thereafter, thereon, thereupon, therewith, uniform with, without, younger
Main Entry: after a fashion
appreciably, at any rate, at best, at least, at most, at the least, at the most, at the outside, at worst, by some means, comparatively, detectably, fairly, in a manner, in a way, in part, in some measure, in some way, incompletely, leastwise, merely, mildly, moderately, modestly, no matter how, not comprehensively, not exhaustively, only, part, partially, partly, pro tanto, purely, relatively, simply, so far, somehow, somehow or other, someway, somewhat, thus far, to a degree, to some degree, tolerably, visibly
Main Entry: after all
after, after that, afterwards, again, albeit, all the same, all things considered, although, at all events, at any rate, before the bench, before the court, but, ceteris paribus, considering, even, even so, everything being equal, ex post facto, for all that, howbeit, however, in any case, in any event, in court, in the aftermath, in the sequel, just the same, later, nevertheless, next, nonetheless, notwithstanding, on balance, on the whole, rather, since, still, sub judice, subsequently, taking into account, then, thereafter, therefore, thereon, thereupon, therewith, this being so, though, when, wherefore, yet
Main Entry: chase after
bring, bring back, call for, fetch, fetch and carry, get, go after, go and get, go fetch, go for, go get, go to get, obtain, pick up, procure, retrieve, run after, secure, shag
Main Entry: go after
attend, bedog, bring, bring back, c, call for, chase, chase after, chivy, come after, come behind, come on, displace, dog, emanate, ensue, fetch, fetch and carry, follow, follow after, follow up, get, give chase, go and get, go behind, go fetch, go for, go get, go to get, heel, hollo after, hound, hunt, inherit, issue, make after, move behind, obtain, overtake, pick up, procure, prosecute, pursue, quest, quest after, raise the hunt, replace, result, retrieve, run after, search, secure, seek, seek out, shadow, shag, string along, succeed, supervene, tag, tag after, tag along, tail, tailgate, take out after, track, trail, trail after, tread close upon
Main Entry: life after death
Heaven, Paradise, a better place, afterlife, afterworld, destiny, eternal home, fate, future state, home, life to come, next world, otherworld, postexistence, the beyond, the good hereafter, the grave, the great beyond, the great hereafter, the hereafter, the unknown, what bodes, what is fated, world to come
Main Entry: look after
administer to, attend, attend on, attend to, baby-sit, be vigilant, be watchful, care for, chaperon, cherish, chore, conserve, dance attendance upon, do for, do service to, drudge, eye, eyeball, follow, foster, gaze at, have a looksee, help, hold in view, keep in sight, keep in view, keep under observation, keep watch over, lackey, look at, look on, look out for, look to, look upon, maid, matronize, mind, minister to, mother, nurse, nurture, observe, pander to, preserve, protege, provide for, reconnoiter, regard, ride herd on, scout, see after, see to, serve, shepherd, spy upon, support, take care of, take charge of, tend, upon, valet, view, wait, wait on, watch, watch out for, watch over, work for
Main Entry: lust after
aim at, aspire after, be desirous of, be in heat, choose, come in, covet, crave, crave after, crawl after, desiderate, desire, estruate, fancy, favor, hanker after, have designs on, hunger after, itch for, like, love, lust, pant after, prefer, run mad after, rut, take to, thirst after, want, wish, wish to goodness, wish very much, would fain do
Main Entry: run after
act up to, agree to anything, approach, break the ice, bring, bring back, brown-nose, call for, chase, chase after, chivy, court, cultivate, curry favor, dance attendance on, dog, fall all over, fall over, fawn upon, fetch, fetch and carry, follow, follow up, get, give chase, go after, go and get, go fetch, go for, go get, go to get, handshake, hollo after, hound, hunt, make advances, make after, make court to, make up to, obtain, pay addresses to, pay court to, pick up, play up to, polish the apple, procure, prosecute, pursue, quest, quest after, raise the hunt, retrieve, search, secure, seek, seek out, shag, shine up to, suck up to, take out after
Main Entry: see after
attend to, baby-sit, care for, chaperon, cherish, conserve, foster, keep watch over, look after, look out for, look to, matronize, mind, minister to, mother, nurse, nurture, preserve, protege, provide for, ride herd on, see to, shepherd, support, take care of, take charge of, tend, watch, watch out for, watch over
Main Entry: take after
ape, appear like, approach, approximate, be like, be redolent of, bear resemblance, bring to mind, call to mind, call up, come close, come near, compare with, copy, copy after, correspond, counterfeit, emulate, evoke, favor, follow, follow like sheep, follow suit, imitate, look like, match, mimic, mirror, model after, near, nearly reproduce, not tell apart, parallel, partake of, pattern after, remind one of, resemble, savor of, seem like, simulate, smack of, sound like, stack up with, suggest