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Main Entry: abridgment
abatement, abbreviation, abstract, alleviation, aphorism, apocope, attenuation, bereavement, blue-penciling, bowdlerization, breviary, brief, cancellation, capsule, censoring, censorship, compendium, compression, condensation, conspectus, contraction, curtailment, dampening, damping, decrease, decrement, decrescence, deduction, deflation, deletion, depreciation, depression, deprivation, deprivement, digest, diminishment, diminution, disburdening, disburdenment, disentitlement, divestment, dying, dying off, editing, elision, ellipsis, epigram, epitome, erasure, expurgation, extenuation, fade-out, foreshortening, languishment, lessening, letup, lowering, miniaturization, mitigation, omission, outline, precis, privation, recap, recapitulation, reduction, relaxation, relieving, retrenchment, sagging, scaling down, shortening, simplicity, sketch, striking, subtraction, sum, summary, summation, summing-up, syllabus, syncope, synopsis, telescoping, truncation, weakening